Today, International Dentist Day is celebrated around the world. Few people like to visit these doctors. But it is worth noting that modern methods of dental treatment are very pleasant and efficient, compared with those of past centuries.

How did the ancient dentists work? And what did patients have to endure at the reception of aesculapius?

First dentists

The mentions of the first dentists were found in the Etruscan civilization. Ancient doctors thought of to replace human teeth with animals fangs. These prostheses helped people to eat rough food. Similar false teeth have been found in Mexico.

Ancient dentists could not only replace the lost tooth but also put the seal on the damaged ones. The first seal was made of beeswax. The archaeologists have also found teeth, which cracks were sealed with clay, wood, gold, and even lead.

The richest people of Ancient Rome fastened dentures with wire. This was not only beneficial to health but also showed the level of prosperity of the owner.

Drilling machine from the past

If you skip a few hundred years from now, you can get acquainted with the first drill. Its work was very simple. The patient had to pedal himself. So drill began to work and the doctor was able to drill a tooth.

Modern people can only rejoice that medicine is advanced considerably. Dentistry passes virtually painless. And the result looks much better than in ancient times.