Life in the modern world is difficult to imagine without computer technology. Large amounts of important information are stored on PCs, laptops and other devices. Despite the high reliability, the technique also sometimes fails. This situation can occur due to various reasons: viruses, ordinary crash, user error, etc. To save useful data, you need to back up periodically. To remind of the importance of this procedure, even a special holiday — was introduced — the International Backup Day.

Why March 31?

Annually, on the last day of March, this event is celebrated. This date was chosen by the users of the Internet, not by chance. The experts consider that it is before April 1 the probability of hacker attacks and all kinds of hacking becomes bigger. Many computer viruses are activated on this day. In order not to lose important information, you should make a backup.

Do not want to become victims of treacherous hackers? Make a copy of the important files right now!