Since ancient times, the carpet has been a sign of the owner’s prosperity and well-being. Time goes by, the fashion changes. But people also like to decorate their homes with beautiful carpets. Particularly, handmade floor coverings are appreciated. They are more expensive because they require a lot of time and efforts. A carpet is a product that has become common to many people. Buying this thing, you do not even think how entertaining it is. So, we present you the most interesting facts about carpets.

The oldest carpet

The oldest is the Pazyryk carpet. It was found in Altai more than two thousand years ago during the excavation of the Scythian mound. Do you want to see it? Go to the Hermitage. It is there that this important archaeological find is kept.

Disposable carpets

Many centuries ago in Europe, carpets were made from reeds. Once the covering was contaminated, it was discarded. At the same time, in the Ancient East carpets were a detail of the interior of only rich houses.

Dust collector

It’s hard to believe, but a carpet accumulates a few kilograms of dirt and dust per a year. In order to perfectly clean the floor covering, it is not enough to use a vacuum cleaner and a broom. It is necessary to take the product to dry cleaning.

Ancient pattern

One of the most ancient drawings depicted on the carpet is the swastika. Only this pattern has nothing common with fascism but symbolizes solar energy.