Today, the people celebrate World Diabetes Day. This incurable disease was considered to be a death sentence to the patient a hundred years ago. But science does not stand still. A solution has been found. Insulin, which is so necessary for people with diabetes, has been opened recently.

Study of diabetes began in the second century BC. A cure was obtained only in the early 20th century. The investigations were carried out by the scientists from the University of Toronto Frederick Banting and Charles Best under the direction of the Scottish doctor John MacLeod. They have experimented on dogs. And as a result, they could identify a protein called ayletin. After a large amount of work, the first insulin injection was made to the boy, who suffered from diabetes. This happened in January 1922.

In 1923, John McLeod and Frederick Banting won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Banting shared the money with his colleague Charles Best. John MacLeod, in his turn, gave part of the money to the biochemist James Collip. Exactly he developed an effective method of insulin purification.

A patent for this revolutionary medicine was sold to the University of Toronto for just one dollar. Insulin production on an industrial scale was initiated in 1923.

In today’s world, people with diabetes can live a full life. They have such an opportunity due to the important discovery of the scientists.

Professional advice

The doctors recommend undergoing medical examination regularly. It is necessary to make a blood test for determining the level of sugar once a year. Detection of disease in the early stages promotes more effective treatment.