Thousands of Indian stores in the state of Tamil Nadu refuse to sell Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Such a boycott is due to the fact that entrepreneurs of India want to intensively promote their own beverages.

A month ago, mass protests took place in the state. After these actions, the sales level of Coca-Cola and Pepsi dropped significantly.

From today all small shops of Tamil Nadu stop selling foreign drinks. It is not yet known whether all major trading corporations will join this campaign. But already some solid trading networks of grocery stores said they would not stop selling Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Moreover, the demand for these drinks is gradually recovering.

The trade associations of India said that residents of the state of Tamil Nadu do not want to use carbonated drinks of foreign origin.

Popular Indian drinks

Mithi Lassi (sweet drink from yogurt).

Masala-tea (tea with milk and spices).

Nimbu punch (lemon juice with water).