Modern girls do many things to make the look more expressive. All the possible means: shadows,  mascara with the effect of magnification, etc. Do you also know these methods? Then we offer you an additional list of techniques designed increasing the volume of eyelashes.

Permanent staining

This procedure will allow you to forget about the mascara for a while. Eyelashes will look impressive. Permanent staining has an extension effect. Thus, you both get a rich color of eyelashes and increase their length.

Bio waving

With this procedure, you can give the lashes a volume that will last for several months. The look will become more open after the bio waving.

Means for the growth of eyelashes

To restore eyelashes and stimulate their growth, you can use special cosmetics. With regular application, the effect will be noticeable. Eyelashes will become healthier and more attractive.