The eruption of the Agung volcano in Bali is inevitable

In September, the first signs of Agung waking up were noticed. At a distance of twelve kilometers from him, sounds like explosions are heard. The smoke and ash clubs rose to a height of 3 and a half meters. Lahar (“cold lava”) descends from the peak, grabbing huge stones. Usually it means that the eruption will start soon. Although it is impossible to accurately predict when this will happen.

About 60 thousand tourists are “stuck” on the island. Some of the local residents refused to leave the dangerous territory, arguing that the past volcanic eruption (50 years ago) did not even affect their homes. Meanwhile, the luminous lava is already visible on the surface. Geologist Mark Tingey believes that this is a harbinger of a volcanic eruption. He told the BBC about it. According to forecasts, this eruption should not be as intense as in 1963. But still you should not risk your life.

The threat level has risen to the fourth and has long crossed the red mark. The authorities forcibly evacuate the remaining people within a radius of ten kilometers. Airports are closed, flights are canceled, and thousands of people who come to rest can not get home. The trip was not only a loss for tourists. In this regard, the island has already incurred a loss of $ 100 million. There are no victims yet.

Tourists will be transported by ferry to other islands, until the airport resumes flights. They are allowed to stay free for one night.
Some countries cancel flights to Bali.

However, it is possible for volcanoes and the island owes its popularity. Because of their abundance, the island has fertile soil. Such a variety of flora attracts tourists even more. The climate in Bali is very favorable – the average annual temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is about the same.