The deputies want to declare an impeachment to the President of France Francois Hollande. It was initiated by Pierre Lellouche. He is a representative of the French National Assembly.

It is necessary to collect 58 votes of the deputies to start the procedure of impeachment. Francois Hollande’s resignation was supported by the 78 members of parliament.

A copy of the decision about impeachment has been presented to President and Prime Minister of France.

The reason for initiating the resignation of the state’s head is a Hollande’s violation of an article 68 of Constitution. This item of the main document of the country states that the French President’s impeachment may be declared in the case of the disclosing of the national secrets or betrayal.

According to the deputies of the French Parliament, Francois Hollande has opened one of the state secrets in his book “The president might not say that.” In this edition, French President speaks about the elimination of some individuals. Also, he tells about the plans of attack on Syria.