Elon Mask


Elon Mask was born on June 28, 1971 in the family of an engineer in South Africa. His mother was a successful nutritionist. Parents divorced. The boy first stayed with his mother, later decided to live with his father. He liked to read, was withdrawn and often subjected to bullying peers (even before losing consciousness). One day I even had to repair a broken nose.

At the age of nine Ilona had a computer. At 12 he already sold, he wrote the game, for $ 500. The teenager invested money in a pharmaceutical company, the development of which has long been monitored in local newspapers. Later, he spent, the proceeds from the sale of shares, money to move to Canada. At first, he suffered financial difficulties. Later he moved to the United States. He received a diploma in physics and economics. He entered Stanford University to defend his doctoral thesis in physics.

But soon he dropped out in favor of entrepreneurship. He lived in the office, which he rented, worked all day with his brother. In 1999, they sold the start-up for $ 307 million. Elon Mask received $ 20 million. Moved to a nice apartment, bought a private plane and sports car McLaren F1. Later, created by him, X.com teamed up with a competitor company, jointly developed PayPal. Having received $ 180 million from the sale of the payment system, Elon Mask took up what he had worked so hard for. His ideas and developments go far beyond the accepted standards and limitations.


One of the most influential people according to Esquire magazine. A successful businessman, inventor, innovator, engineer, founder of Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX — Elon Mask. Recently, his name is increasingly flashed in the bright news. This person is associated with incredible progress, the latest technology, futuristic ideas and goals. It is said that he is more like a superhero from films than a mediocre businessman. By the way, he became the prototype of Tony Stark — the main character of the film «Iron Man».

He is called the «colonizer of Mars». Mask set a goal to reduce the cost of space flights tenfold. He created the company SpaceX and invested in it $ 100 million. Until 2025, the company that develops new missiles, he said, plans to fly to Mars.

In 2016, he joined the President’s Forum on Strategy and Policy, but later withdrew from him in protest against Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement.

Elon Mask with its companies is engaged in the development of environmentally friendly electric vehicles. He wants to completely eliminate the prevalence of ICE engines. Tesla cars are becoming very popular all over the world. The company’s shares are growing. Recently, the fastest serial electric vehicle — Tesla Roadster and the first electric truck Tesla — Semi was produced, which made a real sensation among the admirers of the brand.

Hyperloop is the most famous developer’s concept. The idea is to create a transport that will be hundreds of times greater than any known public transport. In fact, Hyperloop is a supersonic speed and a unique technology. This is a cross between an airplane, a rocket and an air hockey game. According to the idea, capsules with passengers will move inside the above-ground pipeline at a speed twice that of the airplane. The movement of the capsules will be carried out continuously, by the type of metro. Passengers can go to any station. Elon Mask says that the project promises to be inexpensive and affordable. Although many on this score have great doubts.

Another area of ​​activity of the businessman is SolarCity. Installation of solar roofs that produce electricity. What’s more, these are not traditional batteries on the roof, it’s a full-fledged roof, with built-in batteries. From such a roof you can charge electric vehicles. The queue for installation is incredible.