The wife of the head of state has become the First-Vice President of Azerbaijan. This decision was personally received by Ilham Aliyev. He believes that his wife is the best candidate for this position.

Appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva the First Vice-President was formalized on Tuesday, 21 February. This post has appeared in Azerbaijan recently, in September last year. This was decided in a referendum. But until that day the post has been vacant.

Ilham Aliyev presented his new deputy at the session of the Security Council of Azerbaijan. According to him, the wife has been playing an important role in public life for a long time. Aliyev calls his wife a true professional.

Mehriban Aliyeva said that she was fully aware of the responsibility entrusted to her.

Experts’ opinion

The experts believe that such a decision to the President of Azerbaijan is connected with the continuity that exists in the country. Strengthening the power of the same family is practiced in this country. The first president of Azerbaijan was Heydar Aliyev. Then he handed over the post to his son, Ilham. And now the current president is trying to strengthen his position by appointing relatives to the leadership posts.

According to the experts, the people of Azerbaijan relate to the first lady very well. She proved to be an effective politician. Azerbaijanis have reacted positively to her appointment to this high position.