While the doctors are talking about healthy and tasty food, the scientists from Japan advise eating ice cream for breakfast.

Esihiko Koga is a professor of the University of Tokyo. He has conducted a number of experiments and proved that eating ice cream is an essential morning ritual. According to the scientist, this sweet delicacy helps to improve brain activity. In other words, after a portion of the Eskimo, people begin to think quicker.

E. Koga has been feeding research participants ice cream. Some time later the professor offered them to do a series of exercises on the computer. During the execution of tasks, Koga has been watching the brain activity of people. It was found out that people who have been eating this tasty dish, were less irritable and more self-disciplined.

The scientist has suggested that the whole thing was in the temperature of the dessert. However, the experiments with other cold food did not give such an effect.

Japanese scientist is going to continue his studies. He wants to determine the most effective sort of ice cream.