Cold season has come. The temperature outside the windows reduced significantly. As a result, a risk of getting supercooling increased. Even 20 minutes spent in the biting frost, can have serious consequences. What measures should be taken to avoid the problems caused by too low air temperature?

Doctor’s advice

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol.

It is not necessary to do intensive massage of frostbitten limbs because you can damage the skin.

The victim must be delivered in a warm room, dressed into dry clothes. Wrap him in a warm blanket. Heating should take place gradually and not abruptly.

The plentiful hot drink will warm up a person faster.

If the clothes have been frozen to the skin, do not tear off the fabric. Call an ambulance. The victim must be examined by the doctors.

Before the arrival of an ambulance, let the patient lay in the bed. It is important to place frostbitten limbs so that they would be on the dais.

Take care of health, don’t become too cold.