Dryness or excessive humidity of air are equally harmful to human health. If the amount of moisture in the atmosphere is insufficient, a person experiences unpleasant feelings. Mucous membranes and skin can dry. The throat can perspire. Increased humidity provokes the appearance of mold and fungus on the walls and ceiling. This neighborhood can lead to the development of various chronic diseases of the respiratory system.

What to do?

To prevent health problems, it is necessary to take measures timely. In this case, a simple device — a hygrometer will come to the rescue. Such a device can be used at home or at work. It measures the relative humidity of the air.

Preventive measures

If the amount of moisture is insufficient, you can purchase a humidifier or put an aquarium in the room. If the air is too moist, a desiccant will come to the rescue.

Do not neglect your health! Be prepared for any situation.