Special humanoid robots will be developed by the researchers from Bedford and Middlesex Universities. These wonderful machines, which are called «Pepper», will become real helpers for elderly. Robots will entertain the elderly, as well as make sure that they have time to take the medication.

In the experiment, it has already allocated more than two million dollars. The duration of the experience is three years. The scientists believe that such robots will help to reduce the burden on the staff of nursing homes and hospitals. Mechanical nurses are programmed specifically to meet the needs of their wards.

Robot helpers will be equipped with artificial intelligence and be able to adapt to the mood of the people, to recognize the signs of a person in need of emergency assistance.

The robots will communicate with clients via voice and gestures. Machines will be able to move freely in the space.

Japan is a country of advanced technologies

Similar models of mechanical nurses are already in Japanese hospitals. They help to shift and move patients and distribute food.

The earlier model of robot «Pepper» was created by Softbank Robotics. They are widely used in many Japanese homes.