Modern children are growing in the age of information and the rapid development of computer technology. Almost every child from the very beginning has to deal with all sorts of gadgets. Kids themselves go online, look for cartoons, turn on music, watch videos. On the one hand, this «advancement» of the new generation touches parents. But on the other…  Many adults ask the question: «How to wean the child from a computer?»

Advice of specialists

Psychologists believe that such attachment to various devices adversely affects the health of the child. In addition to physical harm, children receive psychological trauma. Passion for smartphones and laptops prevents children from establishing contact with their contemporaries, prevents full communication with friends and relatives.

How to avoid this dependence?

Start with yourself

The fact that children copy their parents’ behavior is not in doubt. To show the child a good example, stop yourself constantly sitting at the computer. Visualize your child that there are other activities. Read the book, play an exciting game, just listen to the music.

Find an alternative

To spend less time with gadgets, go for a walk more often. This will benefit your health, as well as distract from computer technology. Take the child in the sports section or some other one. There, he will not only spend extra energy but also learn a lot of new and fascinating things.

In addition, you can instruct the child to perform certain duties in the home. Children should be accustomed to working, not just playing. If you have a pet, let the kid take the rule of walking with it, take care of it, give it attention at least an hour a day.

Learn to say «no»

Do not enter a categorical ban on the use of computer equipment. But severe restrictions on this kind of activity are simply necessary. Use gadgets as a reward for a well-done job, exemplary behavior, etc. Explain to the child that it is forbidden to play on the smartphone during lunch or communicating with the family. It is very important that the kid correctly understands the reasons for the restrictions. Then you will not have problems in the future.