It is very important for every girl to have beautiful hair. But due to different circumstances, hair bulbs are weakened, the hair style loses its attractiveness, dims. The cause of this situation can be various factors: unfavorable weather conditions, stress, constant nervous tension, hormonal failure, etc. Of course, if the problem is in health, then you will hardly be able to cope with the problem without a doctor. But if the cause is external factors, then you can take certain actions. How to strengthen weakened hair?

Cut the tips

Your hair will look more neat. In addition, nutrients will not be wasted on dead hair, but strengthen the living bulbs.

Choose the proper cosmetics

It is very important that cosmetics (shampoo, conditioner, masks) match your type of hair. Then the effect of their use will be most noticeable.

Use natural means

Do not forget about medicinal herbs, which favorably affect the hair condition: sage, chamomile, nettle. You can also use a decoction of the bark of oak. To accelerate the growth of hair, you can rub burdock, mustard or castor oil into the scalp.

Refrain from thermal styling methods

Irons and other appliances overdry the hair. Try to minimize their use. Of course, it’s hard to completely abandon the dryer. Try to dry your hair with cold air. So, you will do it less harm.