Spring has come. It means that the season of picnics and barbecue will soon come. In addition to pleasure, such activities bring unwanted contacts with various insects. Ticks are especially unpleasant ones. These little bugs are quite dangerous for people’s health since they can tolerate various diseases. If you decide to organize a departure to nature, you should know how to protect yourself from ticks.

Creams and sprays

Today, on the shelves of stores, you can find a variety of substances from insects, including ticks. Going to nature, take a special cream or spray. Grease all open places on the body.

Proper clothes and shoes

Unfortunately, creams do not always give a 100% result. Therefore, you should carefully choose clothes for a picnic. Prefer pants and shirts with long sleeves. Close the body as much as possible. Choose closed shoes, for example, sneakers or athletic shoes. So, you will protect not only from ticks but also from the possibility of stepping on broken glass or thorn.

Thorough examination

After returning from a picnic, inspect yourself for the presence of ticks. As a rule, insects suck in the folds of the skin. Thoroughly shake out the clothes (but not indoors) and send it to the laundry.