Caries is one of the most widespread problems. It destroys healthy teeth. And people spend a lot of money on a visit to the dentist. But it is always easier and cheaper to prevent disease than to deal with its treatment.

Proper dental care should be started from the birth. If your child has just been born and he still has no teeth, then it is necessary to look after the cleanliness of the oral cavity. After feeding, you should wipe the tongue, gums and inside of the mouth with a clean wet piece of gauze. This procedure is done every night. It will protect your baby of thrush. Even if your child has one tooth, it already has to be cleaned.

Here are some suggestions of doctors on dental care

Choose toothbrush and toothpaste according to the age. All children’s brushes and pastes have age indication. Follow the regulations of the experts, producing the goods.

Do not feed your child after teeth-brushing. The teeth form a protective pellicle by saliva. When you brush your teeth, this protection disappears. It takes some time to make it appear again.

Use the dental floss. If your child is already grown up and he has a lot of teeth, teach him to use the dental floss. Removing the food residues between the teeth plays an important role in the prevention of caries.

Use the means for rinsing the mouth. There are many mouthwashes. They are produced both for adults and children. Use them if you don’t have an opportunity to clean your teeth.

Visit a dentist twice a year. It is necessary to visit the dentist, not only when a problem occurs. Prophylactic examinations are also very important for your child. Prevention of the disease is always better than its cure.