Ways to get rid of sleepiness

First, you need to sleep enough. Each individually has its own norm. But a person must be rested by a rested person. The room in which a person sleeps must be ventilated and dark. In the dark, sleep is better. If a person sleeps well and wakes up tired, this indicates various diseases. For the diagnosis, you need to see a doctor. But how to get rid of sleepiness at home? There are several ways that will help to revitalize the body.

Drinks that help the body «wake up»

Briar drink

A glass of berries pour a liter of water and bring to a boil. Put in a warm place to brew. It is better to pre-crush the berries a little. You can finish off the honey. This drink has practically no contraindications. But you need to keep in mind that it has a diuretic effect.


For a number of reasons, frequent use is not recommended. Drinks containing caffeine can be addictive. By itself, coffee does not carry energy, it only helps the cells to release it. And this, with prolonged exposure or strong doses, can deplete the body, causing it to work for wear and tear. But in extreme cases, a cup of coffee will help you feel much more refreshed.

Tea with ginger

To get rid of sleepiness will help a cup of ginger tea. You can cut it with small plates and pour it with boiling water. Very tasty is a drink based on apple juice. You can add more lemon and cinnamon, which will enhance the effect.

Tea with cardamom and milk

This tea tones well. Everyone knows about the useful properties of cardamom in the East. It tones the heart muscle, activates the brain activity. You will immediately feel more cheerful.

There are also other drinks that are healthy

Need to move more

If you work in the office, at least occasionally rise and do exercises. If there is no such possibility, do a couple of exercises sitting. They will help to tilt forward and to the sides, swing their shoulders back and forth, head inclinations. Also, you need to knead your hands and earlobes, as there are many points on these sites that are responsible for the work of the whole organism.

Breathe in fresh air

Morning walks — it’s wonderful. But if there is no such possibility, at least carefully ventilate the room, especially after sleep.

Drink water

Everyone talks about the obvious benefits of water, but not all have a useful habit of drinking water. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Therefore, take the rule in the morning to drink a glass or two of clean water.

Some advise aromatherapy

For everyone, the selection of oils is individual. It is generally believed that the aroma of lemon, lavender, pine needles or coffee will help get rid of sleepiness. Often people use these flavors at work.