It’s summertime and evrybody dreams or has already planned how to spend the long-awaited vacation. Someone will go abroad to plunge into azure deep oceans, some will remain in the country and will rest at local resorts. If you like to relax on the seashore or the ocean, this article is for you. The long-awaited vacation can spoil violation of rules of staying in the sun, or rather we will tell how to get a beautiful tan without harm to health.

  The first thing to remember is applying a sunscreen. It is usually applied somewhere 10-15 minutes before the start of exposure to the sun. Cosmetologies advise to choose a cream containing not only SPF-factor, but also UV-filters or PPD. SPF protects the skin from sunburn and prevents it from burning, but does not protect it from ultraviolet exposure and light skin. A cream containing only SPF doesn’t protect your birthmarks and every year they become more and more. Therefore, you need to buy a product containing also PPD. If you have a problem or sensitive skin, buy a face cream above 50 SPF and wear panama and caps for protect the face and not get a sunstroke. Do not forget that after bathing in the sea or the ocean, the cream needs to be applied repeatedly. If you didn’t have a sunscreen at hand, you can use olive oil.

  Secondly, you should pay attention to is the time of sunburn. For a safe tan, choose the morning hours (from 7 to 11 am) or after lunch (from 17 to 20). In the first days of sun exposure, reduce the tanning time to a minimum of 20-30 minutes. Use an umbrella and cover your face. Another point for obtaining a beautiful tan is the use of a scrub to purify the skin of dead particles that can then appear on the skin in the form of white spots. After that, put moisturizer.

  If it happened that you burned, don’t ignore the treatment. First of all, take a shower and put the remedy for burns — panthenol. Drink more water to restore the water balance.