In pursuit of an ideal figure, do you tirelessly count consumed calories? Do you maintain a special diary where you write down everything you eat? Do you have applications on your smartphone that help you to control the expended energy? Then this information will be useful to you.

Opinion of doctors

The doctors say that you should not believe the inscriptions on the packages with food. Usually, the manufacturers do not accurately indicate the caloric content of the products. The error can reach 20%. It is better to cook healthy food yourself than buying ready-made products.

If the sticker says that the product has zero calorie content, then this is exactly a lie. The minimum is 5 calories.

Now go to the applications on the device. If the program shows that you have already burned the right amount of energy, still keep training for 15-20 minutes. The error of such controllers can reach 40%.

I want to finish this revelation on a positive note. A person loses weight during sleeping. The more you sleep, the faster you lose weight.