Do you notice that you have become increasingly nervous on every trifle? Is it not so easy to calm down? Then pay attention to the ways that will help you to be back to normal quickly. How to calm down and not be nervous on trifles:

Draw away your attention

If some situation causes your negative emotions, switch to something else. Forget for a while about the irritant. And then look with fresh eyes at the subject of your concern.

Leave the discomfort zone

Do you dislike rude seller at the store? Is your district doctor unpleasant? You can always choose a different store or another clinic. This will help you to eliminate an irritant.

Engage in interesting work

If you start to get nervous, do something really interesting for you. An immersion in a fascinating process will help you to calm down.

Go in for sports

Physical exercises will not only help you to calm down more quickly, but they also will benefit your health. Walking or jogging in the fresh air, swimming in the pool are suitable too.

Count to 10

This advice is known to all. Abstracting into the account, you automatically forget about the problem and stop nervous. Also, you can read poems.

Breathe properly

A variety of breathing techniques will help you to settle down quickly.

Stay an optimist

Being worried about trifles, think of those who are currently much worse. Imagine yourself in their place. Return to your own and enjoy the life.

Weep a little

Sometimes it is helpful just to throw out the emotions. Weep on the shoulder of your friend or alone. You will feel lightness.

Talk with family

Scoring a problem that bothers you, can help to get rid of it. Your family or friends can give good advice or just dispel your doubts.

Get some sleep

Sleeping will help you to clear the thoughts. You will be able to take another look at the problem after sleeping. Maybe it is not so terrible, is it?

Live in the present

The only one is happy who lives in the present. The past does not change, the future is unknown. Live in the present. Do not worry about the things which have already been done. Do not experience for the future.

Nerve cells regenerate very slowly. Take care of your health and look at the world positively.

how to calm down