The autumn period is often associated with colds. We are pursued a runny nose, cough, fever and sore throat. The doctors say that we should beware of infections during this period because the weather is very changeable. Moreover, we eat fewer  fruits and vegetables, which supplied our body with the vitamins and useful microelements. Children go to school, adults go back to work from vacations. Related to these events stress can also weaken our immune system. How to be saved from the autumn’s cold?

We advise you the list of rules, which can help you to strengthen your health.


Proper nutrition

Don’t forget that your ration should be balanced and varied. Choose the products which contain many vitamins and microelements. Pay much attention for vitamin C. Eat citrus fruits, onion, peppers, cabbage, currant, parsley, garlic. If you can’t find fresh fruits and vegetables, you can take frozen ones. It is very useful to drink the infusion of rose hips or ginger tea with lemon.


Make a rule for yourself to go for a walk in the fresh air. Even if the weather is not very good, go outside and breathe the oxygen. It will strengthen your immunity.


Let your body fully relax. According to the experts, it is better to go to sleep at 22.00-23.00 p.m.  And you should spend on a sleeping at least 8 hours a day. In this case, you will be able to restore your power entirely.


Of course, hygiene compliance is a very important factor for the health preservation. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap, especially after visiting of public places. Wash your face with special gels of foam. Rinsing the nose with saline will also protect you from viruses.


There is healthy mind in a healthy body! It is a well-known fact for us since childhood. Teach yourself to do morning exercises. It will cheer up you for the whole day. Visit the gym or pool. It will also strengthen your immune system.

Stay healthy!