People should change workplace every 5-7 years. American psychologists put forward such a theory. Russian colleagues completely agree with them. Having completed a number of studies, the researchers came to the conclusion that people should not occupy one place too long.

Change of activity has a positive effect on employee’s motivation. It also increases career prospects.

Spending for seven years on one post is enough to learn everything you need. Also, during this time a person reaches the peak of the development on the occupied place. After this period, a resistance to stress can reduce. This will cause the undesirable conflicts with colleagues. Also, after long implementation of repetitive work the productiveness can decrease.

According to the experts, it is not necessarily to change the direction of activity radically. You can build a career in the same field. There are two vectors for this purpose: horizontal and vertical. So, a person decides for himself what he wants. The first option means moving up the career ladder. The second one includes people’s increasing their professionalism, occupying different positions of the same level.

As people spend much time working, it should bring joy. If you don’t receive satisfaction from your job, it is necessary to think about changing the workplace.