As well as when in the majority of the countries of the world celebrate the national day of ice cream.

For many people in the world, the national ice cream day is a comic holiday. In some countries, do not even suspect its existence. As a rule, everyone thinks that this is a kind of trap for children who do not like ice cream. But in fact, this is not so. This is an official holiday, which was introduced by the President of the United States on July 2, 1984. This event occurred after a joint resolution of the Congress. And frankly speaking, this holiday was officially made in the US.

The National Ice Cream Day came about because of the crazy popularity of this product in the US.

According to statistics, more than 90 percent of the total the United States population eat ice cream every day. It is thanks to this high demand that the annual sales of ice cream in the country are $3,500,000,000. Such a colossal amount provides jobs for more US citizens. Also in the production of ice cream, almost 10 percent of milk from the total amount produced by farms in the country is involved. This increases the economic state of the industry in the dairy sector.

The national holiday of ice cream lasts a month.

In 1984, not only the national ice cream day was introduced in the United States, but also a whole month. The US President announced that all citizens of the country in July should attend various recreational activities dedicated to the day of ice cream. It is best to eat a large amount of ice cream.