The most common advice on how choose the right diet.

As a rule, women like to exhaust themselves with prolonged starvation in order to quickly and effectively lose weight. It is worth noting that this practice does not lead to good results. First of all, this is due to the use of a catastrophically small amount of vitamins and nutrients. It leads to complete exhaustion of the body and the loss of a large amount of energy. Such diets can be cause of woman’s nervous breakdown and deterioration of health. Therefore it is very important to know how choose the right diet to preserve both beauty and health.

The first way to effectively lose weight is a mono diet.

This diet consists in the use of only one product in a certain period of time. The most common products for constant use are rice, cottage cheese and apples. They are most useful and include many useful substances for the body. Also it should be noted that before you start the diet, you need to prepare. Within a week before the immediate onset of weight loss, you need to include the selected product and eat it as often as possible in your diet. The diet itself is seven days, during which it is necessary to eat only one selected product, gradually increasing its amount. The third day of the diet is allowed to eat bread, but it should be rye and in the smallest possible amount. It’s necessary drink still and purified water every day. You need to gradually introduce into the diet other foods after the end of the diet. The result of losing weight for a week can be from two kilograms.

The second effective diet is a protein diet.

In order to know how to lose weight properly, you must first know how to eat properly. Correct nutrition includes the rejection of carbohydrates. But to give up carbohydrates they need to be replaced. In this case, we replace them with proteins. The advantage of this diet is the free choice of foods for nutrition. The main thing is a large number of proteins in them. Meals should be in the order of five or six a day. It’s necessary cooking without fat. Just like in the previous diet, you need to drink at least two liters of water every day. This diet lasts about ten days and the result can be a loss of five kilograms.

The third way to lose weight is a coal diet.

With the help of coal, you can achieve the desired result. There are three types of coal intake. In the first case, you need to drink 10 tablets a day, dividing their number by four times. The next option may be the use of three tablets of activated carbon on the first day, followed by increasing the dose to the required amount for the body. This amount is calculated as follows: one tablet of activated carbon per ten kilograms of weight. And the last way to use activated charcoal is to take two tablets on an empty stomach. Such a diet allows you to lose weight by more than five kilograms, and also, completely cleanse the intestines and bring about a tone of metabolism.

To understand how choose the right diet, you need to know what will be more acceptable for the body. Also, do not forget about the physical exercises that are necessary during the period of weight loss and even more so after the end of the diet.