Everyone wants to have his own house or apartment. But not everyone can afford it. Housing prices are growing much faster than the average people’s salaries. Therefore, it remains only to dream of a cozy nest for the whole family.

Not only the cost of conventional apartments increases but also the price of luxury apartments. The researchers conducted an analysis of the real estate market and found out which cities were the record holders in this rating of sky-high prices.

Top 10 most expensive regions for life

10th place — Seattle (USA). The cost of apartments increased by 9.7% per year.

9th place — Gstaad (Switzerland). It is here that the popular ski resort is located. This is associated with high prices for real estate.

8th place — Amsterdam (Holland). Recently, financiers from all over the world come to this city.

7th place — Vancouver (Canada). Here, property prices vary depending on demand.

6th place — Toronto (Canada). This city is popular with the rich population of the planet, so the prices for apartments are growing.

5th place — Auckland (New Zealand) — the financial center of the country.

4th place — Seoul (South Korea). This city is the focus of Asia’s economic growth. Many people come here in a search of work.

3rd place — Guangzhou (China). Demand for real estate is caused by the fact that the city has developed trade and commerce.

2nd place — Beijing (China). With the growth of the economy, the value of real estate increases.

1st place — Shanghai (China) — housing prices has risen by almost 30%. This is due to a large influx of people into the city.