The house where Adolf Hitler was born, will be taken away from its owner. The relevant law has been issued by the Government of Austria. In this way, Parliament wants to prevent neo-Nazi pilgrimage to this place.

The house is located in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn. An owner of the building is Gerlinde Pommer. She refuses to voluntarily sell the three-storeyed house. Also, present mistress opposes of any deplaning in her home.

For over forty years, the Government of Austria has been renting this house, paying for almost five thousand Euros every month. The authorities do not want to turn this place into a tourist attraction.

Under the new law, the house will be forcibly removed from its owner. The woman will receive monetary compensation. The amount is not made public yet.

Earlier this house would be demolished. But the historians have spoken out against the decision. They said that the demolition of the house could be equated to a denial of the Nazi past of the state.

The parents of Adolf Hitler with their newborn son had lived in this building a few weeks. Three years later they completely had left from Braunau am Inn.

At the entrance to the building is a memorial plaque on which Hitler’s name is not even mentioned.