Fashion is changeable. Things which considered a sign of a bad tone yesterday, today is already becoming a major highlight. Fine-netted pantyhose, which were so popular in the 90s, returned to the wardrobe of modern women of fashion again. To make this element of clothing look stylish, you should take into account certain nuances.

Minimum of details

Fine-netted pantyhose are conspicuous. Do not overload the image with other accents, so as not to look vulgar. Do you want to shock the people? Put on the rough shoes. This combination is quite acceptable.

If you like the clothes of «male» cut, excellent! Volumetric jackets can be safely combined with netted pantyhose. The overall image will be harmonious and balanced.

Ragged jeans and pantyhose

A special chic in the coming season is the combination of ragged denim trousers with netted pantyhose. Trying on this outfit, you will definitely be a trend.