A headache is an unpleasant phenomenon, which is familiar to almost every person. This symptom can arise for various reasons: stress, lack of rest, overstrain, etc. There are also more serious reasons.

When is it time to worry?

A sharp intense pain can be a sign of a brain hemorrhage, an aneurysm rupture. In this case, you must immediately consult a doctor.

Increased intensity of a headache. If you feel worse, do not wait. Call a doctor.

A headache + fever may indicate an infectious brain disease, for example, meningitis.

Change in vision due to a headache. This condition can lead to blindness. Urgently seek medical help.

The pain is “contagious.” If the same symptoms hurt not only you but colleagues (or relatives), this may indicate intoxication with poisonous substances.

Pain after hitting the head. If a person has sustained a head injury, be sure to show him to the doctor. Some diseases that are initially asymptomatic can have serious consequences.