It turned out that the headache may appear due to mold fungi.

Recent studies by scientists have shown that headache and allergies can arise from the inhalation of spores of mold fungi. These external irritants appear mainly due to high humidity in the premises. As a rule, these fungi are found in the bathroom, toilet and in the corners of the walls of the room, which are constantly exposed to humidity. To a greater extent, these fungi appear indoors, so people do not breathe harmful controversies due to lack of air circulation.

Not only does the headache prevent people living who often breathe spores of mold fungi.

Many professors who studied this problem noted that almost all people with mold at home are suffering from diseases. These diseases can be allergies, headache, lung problems, namely difficulty breathing. Also in the history there are confirmed cases when people were subjected to severe illnesses due to mold. Such cases are also called sick building syndrome. Unfortunately, despite the increase in cases of diseases for this reason, scientists have not yet figured out why this happens.

Headache can appear not only because of a dispute, but also because of microtoxins.

Scientists have found out that not only mold spores cause various diseases. Also mold releases microtoxins into the air, which, if ingested into animals, can even lead to death. These bacteria settle on food, and subsequently enter the human body. Scientists have to find out exactly how these microtoxins affect a person and his health.