Some foods should not be combined during one meal. Together, they are of less use than individually. The most harmful product combinations.

Milk and green tea

If you like green tea, refuse to add milk. The protein contained in milk negates the benefits of tea.

Cottage cheese and jam

The combination of dairy products with sugar causes unpleasant sensations in the stomach (burning, swelling).

Porridge and sugar

Such a symbiosis of products significantly increases the level of glucose in the blood. Thus, it is possible to provoke the development of diabetes or obesity.

Coffee and bread

A cup of an aromatic drink with a sandwich is, of course, delicious. But it is worthwhile to know that coffee prevents the absorption of vitamin B, contained in bread.

Honey and hot drinks

Heating up to 40 degrees, honey loses its useful properties. Therefore, do not add this product to tea or other hot drinks.