Every day a person loses up to one hundred hairs. It is almost invisible because new ones grow immediately in their place. But sometimes hair loss gets serious proportions. Such a situation requires intervention. But to find a way to solve the problem, you must first establish its causes.

Causes of hair loss

Weakened immune system. Sometimes the body simply does not have enough vitamins and minerals. Fill their reserves, and your hair will be strong again. Consult your doctor and find out what exactly substances are necessary for you.

Hormonal disorders. Intensive hair loss can signal an imbalance of hormones. In this situation, it is impossible to cope without expert advice. An experienced doctor will write you a referral for tests, and, according to the results, prescribe treatment.

Diseases of the scalp. Various infections can provoke uncontrollable hair loss. Consult trichologist and identify the problem.

Stress. If you are constantly tense, it may adversely affect the condition of your hair. The vessels are narrowed, blood circulates poorly and as a result — hair falls out.

Unhealthy lifestyle. Poor nutrition, abuse of alcohol and cigarettes, as well as other bad habits can significantly worsen the condition of the hair. How can you deal with it? Refuse from junk food and drinks, do exercise regularly, relax fully, spend more time outdoors, do not be nervous. That’s all! Under these conditions, your hair will certainly delight you.