Very often we commit certain actions, without even realizing that they are harmful to our health. Some habits that are firmly in our life, bring us nothing except for harm.

Junk food and carbonated drinks is just the tip of the iceberg. We do not always realize that the most innocuous at first glance things can add centimeters at the waist.

Buying fat-free products

The nutritionists insist that products with low-fat only contribute to weight gain. They are less nutritious, so do not saturate the organism. People eat more without getting useful microelements.

Lack of water

Drink plenty of pure water. Fluid not only improves the appearance but also helps to speed up metabolism. Also, water removes toxins from the body, nourishes the skin.

Lack of sleep

A short night’s sleep adversely affects the nervous system. In addition, tired people eat more to relieve the tension. The extra weight is a consequence.

Sedentary lifestyle

It has already been said a lot about the benefit of walking and exercise. Active people get ill less and feel happier. In addition, the sport definitely helps to lose weight.


Typically, diets bring temporary effect. Strict limitation of food causes a reverse reaction. A person grows stout. It is also harmful to miss breakfast or lunch. You still eat the necessary amount of food, but it will be in the evening. And before going to bed, food digestion becomes slower.

Rapid food intake

The organism feels saturation after 15 minutes since the beginning of the meal. Do not rush. Otherwise, you will eat more than needed.