Green tea is a leader in sales among the similar products. The benefit of this drink can be heard at every step. This is not surprising because the tea leaves are a real source of useful trace elements. Such a tea has a beneficial effect on overall health.

Green tea is particularly useful for the stomach. This drink is recommended for people suffering from gastritis. And this disease, as we know, has become a global problem for the modern person. Junk food, frantic lifestyle and constant stress are the reasons of gastritis.

Be careful

It is important to note that the consumption of this tea is useful only to those people who do not suffer from increased acidity of gastric juice. Otherwise, this beverage can harm the health and cause pain.

How to brew green tea

For cooking useful drink, tea leaves should be poured into hot water, but not boiling the liquid. Contacting with water, which temperature reaches 100 degrees, this sort of tea produces harmful substances.

Do not drink this beverage immediately Give it a little time to infuse.

Green tea goes well with milk, ginger or lemon. Add those ingredients that you prefer most.