<h1>On Google Maps, Russian military installations are now available to the whole world.</h1>

In the Google Maps service, military facilities and strategic facilities of Russia have become available in maximum resolution. Now various intercontinental ballistic missile launch silos, command posts, secret training grounds, etc. can be viewed with a resolution of about 0.5 meters per pixel.

<h2>Google Maps military facilities in the photo:</h2>

1. Cruiser «Admiral Kuznetsov»;
2. Nuclear weapons storage base near Murmansk;
3. Fighter 5-generation Su-57 in the flight — test center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation;
4. Launching position of an intercontinental ballistic missile;
5. Air base near Kursk.

<img class=» wp-image-6239″ src=»https://www.news-forpeople.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/photo_2022-04-18_14-37-43-250×107.jpg» alt=»Russian military installations» width=»629″ height=»269″ />

<img class=»alignnone wp-image-6243″ src=»https://www.news-forpeople.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/photo_2022-04-18_14-37-46-250×151.jpg» alt=»Google Maps military installations» width=»634″ height=»383″ />

<img class=»alignnone wp-image-6242″ src=»https://www.news-forpeople.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/photo_2022-04-18_14-37-46-2-250×139.jpg» alt=»Google Maps military installations» width=»635″ height=»353″ />

<img class=»alignnone wp-image-6240″ src=»https://www.news-forpeople.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/photo_2022-04-18_14-37-44-2-250×119.jpg» alt=»Russian military installations» width=»639″ height=»304″ />

Google Maps is a leader among modern mapping services that provide satellite interactive maps online. At least the leader in the field of satellite imagery and in the number of various additional services and tools (Google Earth, Google Mars, various weather and transport services, one of the most powerful APIs).

In the field of schematic maps, at some point, this leadership was “lost” in favor of Open Street Maps, a unique Wikipedia-style mapping service where each volunteer can enter data on the site.

However, despite this, the popularity of Google Maps remains perhaps one of the highest of all other mapping services. Part of the reason is that it is on Google Maps that we can find the most detailed satellite photographs of Russian military installations for the most extensive regions of any country. Even in Russia, such a large and successful company as Yandex cannot surpass the quality and coverage of satellite photos, at least in their own country.

With Google Maps, anyone can view satellite photos of the Earth for free from almost anywhere in the world.

Image quality
The highest resolution images are usually available for the world’s largest cities in America, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Asia, Oceania. Currently, high-quality imagery is available for cities with more than 1 million inhabitants. For smaller cities and other localities, satellite images are only available in limited resolution.


<strong>Google Maps</strong>

were a real discovery for Internet users and, in general, for all PC users, giving an unheard-of and previously unseen opportunity to look at their home, their village, cottage, lake or river where they rested in the summer — from a satellite. To see it from above, from such an angle, from which it would be impossible to see it under any other circumstances. The discovery, the very idea of ​​giving people easy access to satellite photos, fits harmoniously into the overall Google concept of «easy access to all users to any information on the planet.»

Google Maps allows you to see from the satellite at the same time those things and objects that cannot be observed at the same time when observed from the ground. Satellite maps differ from conventional maps in that on simple maps, the colors and natural shapes of natural objects are distorted by editorial processing for further publication. However, all the naturalness of nature and shooting objects, natural colors, shapes of lakes, rivers, fields and forests are preserved in satellite photographs.

Looking at the map, one can only guess what is there: a forest, a field or a swamp, while on a satellite photo it is immediately clear: objects, as a rule, are round or oval in shape of a unique marsh color and there are swamps. Light green patches or areas in the photo are fields, while dark green are forests. With sufficient experience of orientation in Google Maps, you can even distinguish between coniferous forest or mixed: coniferous has a more brown tint. Also on the map you can distinguish specific broken lines piercing the forests and fields of the vast Russian expanses — these are railways. Only by looking from a satellite can one understand that railways affect the natural landscape that surrounds them much more than roads. Also in Google Maps, it is possible to overlay maps with the names of regions, roads, settlements on a national scale and the names of streets, house numbers, metro stations on a city scale on a satellite image of an area or city.

<h4>Map mode and Google Maps satellite view mode with Russian military installations</h4>

In addition to satellite images, it is possible to switch to the «map» mode, in which it is possible to view any territory on the surface of the Earth and study in detail the layout and location of houses in any more or less large city. In the «map» mode, it is especially convenient to plan moving around the city if you have already seen enough satellite views of your city.

The search function by house number will easily point you to the desired house, giving you the opportunity to «look around» the area around this house and how you can drive up / approach it. To search for the required object, it is enough to type in Russian in the search bar a query like: «City, street, house number» and the site will show you the location of the object you are looking for with a special marker.