A huge gold coin was stolen from the Bode Museum in Berlin. Its weight is 24 carats. It was cast in 2007 on the Canadian Mint.

The coin is called the «big maple leaf». On one side, Queen Elizabeth II of the UK is depicted and on the other — a maple leaf, a symbol of Canada. The nominal value of the coin is one million dollars. But the market value of this exhibit is equivalent to four million US dollars.

Other coins (more than 500 pieces), presented in the exhibition hall of the museum, remained untouched.

How did the theft happen?

The crime was committed in the early morning, about four hours. According to the police, it is not yet known exactly how the thieves managed to deceive the museum’s security system and steal the coin. The exhibit was in a bullet-proof flask. It is assumed that the bandits broke the window of the building. Such conclusions were made by the representatives of the commission of investigation of the crime after finding a ladder not far from the place of incident, on the railway tracks.