There are different vegetables, fruits and roots on the shelves of grocery stores. We can’t even imagine the methods of their using. For example, the ginger root.

What are the properties of this product? How can ginger be used?

Southeast Asia is considered to be a homeland of this root. But in Europe, this plant has also become quite popular.

It is used in cookery, medicine, and cosmetology. Such widespread usage is caused by many beneficial substances, which are contained in the root.

Ginger root in cookery

The root of this plant has been used in cooking since ancient times. Ginger is added to the meat dishes, pastries. The beverages with this root are very popular. For example, it is useful to drink a cup of black tea with ginger in winter. The recipe of this beverage is simple enough, but the taste incomparable.

The recipe of ginger tea (for 1 cup)

Freshly brewed black tea.

Peeled ginger – 5 g.

Honey – 2 tsp.

Lemon – 1 slice.

Add ginger, honey and lemon in the hot black tea. The drink will be very tasty and healthy.


By putting on a little piece of this plant in your coffee, you get a beverage with an unusual, slightly spicy taste.

The fans of Japanese cuisine know that ginger kills bacteria. So this product should be served with rolls and sushi. These dishes are prepared with raw fish.


The use of ginger in medicine

It is believed that this plant has many therapeutic properties. Ginger root improves digestion, strengthens the immune system. It helps with nausea, removes from the body bile, and even prevents the formation of cancer cells. This plant also has an analgesic and expectorant effect.


Ginger in cosmetology

Cosmetic masks of ginger are very popular. This root improves blood circulation. The skin becomes stiff and fresh. Vitamins and amino acids contained in this plant, promote rejuvenation. Masks of ginger root can relieve irritation and reduce the amount of acne.

A condition of hair can also be improved by using this root. Ground ginger eliminates dandruff, promotes hair growth and strengthen them.


For those who want to lose weight

Ginger is often used for weight loss. The root of this plant has a fat-burning effect. It also promotes sweating, restores metabolism. As a result, the person loses weight.

Like any other product, ginger should be used in the reasonable quantities. Then it will be beneficial.