Georgia won the right to the visa-free regime with the countries of the Schengen Agreement. At the plenary session of the European Parliament, 553 deputies voted for this decision, nearly 70 were against, and 28 — abstained.

Georgian inhabitants will have the opportunity to visit the countries of the European Union without a visa. The decision will come into force after the law will be approved formally by Ministers. This information is available on the official website of the European Parliament.

The law will take effect after the entry into force of the suspension mechanism for the visa-free regime. This mechanism allows EU members to introduce a temporary visa regime with the countries where is a risk of safety or migratory activity.

In the opinion of the European Parliament, Georgia held serious reforms to get visa-free regime. The representatives of the legislative body of the European Union thanked Georgians for their patience and tremendous work.

Way to Europe is open

It is expected that all the formalities will be settled before the end of March. After that, the people of Georgia who have biometric passports will be able to visit European countries for business trips and also for tourism and family goals.