George Clooney became the owner of a huge company.

This month for a famous actor became one of the most intense. First of all George Clooney is very happy because he had twins and to replenish the family and is eager to share his joy with the whole world. But the birth of children is not the only important event for the actor. Most recently, he acquired the company Casamigos, which cost him up to one billion dollars. This company is engaged in the production of tequila. And Clooney is its founder. Also George Clooney is the owner of the world-famous brand for the production of liqueur Diageo. It is this company that acquired Casamigos assets. The company’s cost includes an initial payment of $ 700 million and a further potential payment of $ 300 million. Further payments will be made within a decade, and will depend directly on the company’s performance. According to the decision of the regulatory bodies, the deal should end at the end of the year.

George Clooney went to success for several years.

The beginning of the campaign for the production of tequila occurred in 2013. The founders were the actor George Clooney, businessman Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. The original purpose of producing alcoholic beverages was the possibility of providing the product to friends and acquaintances of Clooney and Gerber. This home project was called the «House of Friends». But after the need to obtain a license, the production of the drink became a legitimate business. And this is a huge success for the company that started in Hollywood and now it works all over the world.

The actor does not believe in his success.

George Clooney told the press that it is unlikely that four years ago he thought he would be a co-founder of a company with a billion-dollar turnover of funds. After all, to buy a new brand, the three founders did not have to involve external investments. How much money was invested initially in the launch of the company is not known. But the prices fixed for a drink, according to experts, are exaggerated. Meanwhile, the units of the famous brand continue to be sold successfully by the friends of the actor and not only. Therefore, the success of the new tequila business is predictable for all.