The latest news says that the Game Blue Whale is gaining popularity in Germany.

One of the first proofs of potential danger was the police’s appeal to the parents of minor children in the German city of Bamberg. The main attention is paid by the police to the schools of the city, because it was there that the Game Blue Whale began. This death game consists of 50 missions, the last of which is suicide. All tasks are quite dangerous and unpredictable. But at the same time they are built taking into account all the features of the child’s psyche.

The first cases in Germany, when the game Blue Whale became a danger.

Today the authorized secretary from the police department of Upper Franconia gave an interview. In this conversation Peter Mueller noted that the game Blue Whale has already involved a couple of teenagers in the city of Bamberg. This is mainly through the world-famous messenger WhatsApp. On the phone a teenager receives a letter warning about the beginning of the game. When the child opens the letter, he will have access to the game with subsequent commands. Therefore, the main task of parents in the city of Bamberg is psychological help to their children. In no event can you forward these messages to other users. It is also necessary to immediately remove the terrible letter, and it is better to contact the police.

Game Blue whale already had a place to be in Russia.

More recently, the country has been covered by a wave of suicides of children and adolescents. As it turned out, the blame for that was the terrible game Blue Whale. This game brutally involved children and killed them. The number of dead children is impressive figures. For these reasons, the Russian authorities have adopted a project that provides for criminal liability for games of this type. People who incite children to commit suicide, through the games of death, can receive up to seven years in prison. For seven years they can be imprisoned only when death is due to the game. Also in Russia, an innovation was made that stops the mediators of this game. Namely, people who in all ways try to involve minors in the process. In this case, the punishment is up to three years imprisonment.