The human body needs useful substances all year round. In summer and autumn, this problem is easily solved. It is enough to go to the market or to a supermarket and buy fresh vegetables and fruits. And what to do in winter? Buying products brought from other countries is not entirely safe. Such food is unlikely to bring many benefits and sometimes can provoke health problems. How to fill up the supply of vitamins? There is a way out — buy frozen vegetables.

Many people think that such products are less useful than fresh ones. The scientists from the University of Georgia have dispelled doubts.

Experts’ opinion

The scientists have been conducting the study for two years. During the experiments, it was found out that there was practically no difference between frozen and fresh vegetables.

The scientists have found that frozen foods almost do not lose the useful properties with proper storage. While fresh vegetables and fruits after five days are deprived of a large number of vitamins and trace elements.