In the age of the Internet, social networks and online communication, it is harder for a person to find a real friend. Resourceful businessmen took this fact into consideration and found the original solution. The «Friend for rent» service is becoming very popular all over the world. If you do not have anyone to go to a cafe, a stadium or a movie theater, you can use this service.

Japanese experience

In the Land of the Rising Sun, such a service has appeared earlier than in other states. Every Japanese can now rent a friend for 2 hours, paying for it about 70 dollars.

Business in the USA

Following Japan, enterprising Americans began renting their friends. This proved to be mutually beneficial. The clients receive moral satisfaction from communicating with new comrades, and employees of firms for rent — profit for their activities.

Ukraine is not far behind

The service for renting friends has become available to Ukrainian inhabitants about a year ago. While this business is not as developed as in other countries. Only three agencies operate on the territory of the country. Today the rent is 100-150 UAH. per hour.