French cyclist has set a record in the age category of «100-105».

The inhabitant of France, Robert Marchand, who just turned 105 years old, has driven 22.5 kilometers for an hour. This action took place on the national French velodrome.

According to Marchand, he did not want to set a new record. The Frenchman just wanted to show that it was possible to lead an active lifestyle, regardless of age.

The cyclist said that he felt fine. The hands hurt a little, but this is a consequence of rheumatic fever.

Five years ago, Robert Marchand overcame almost 27 kilometers for an hour.

Secrets of longevity

French cyclist says that his good physical shape is largely dependent on proper nutrition and exercises. Marchand eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, limits the consumption of coffee, and meat products. Every day the Frenchman is engaged on a stationary bike.

It is also worth noting that Robert Marchand represented France on gymnastic international competitions.