Work and career of many people are associated with mental activity. Being in constant tension, your brain gets tired. This affects its functionality. You begin to forget something, you become distracted and irritable. Of course, you should have a rest. But in addition, you can help your brain by eating the right food. Here is a list of products that improve the brain function.


Organism dehydration (especially for a long time) can seriously disrupt the work of the brain. Drink water. It is a simple and affordable way to stimulate brain activity.


We know from childhood that fish contains phosphorus, which is so useful for our brain. Furthermore, this product is rich in omega-3 acids. This substance prevents loss of memory and Alzheimer’s disease. Fish of the salmon family is considered to be the most useful.


As well as fish, this product contains phosphorus and fatty amino acids. Nuts also improve brain function because of containing vitamin E.


Useful substances that are contained in this product, improve blood circulation in the brain. Also, cocoa beans have a lot of magnesium. This microelement helps to maintain memory.

Green tea

Antioxidants, which content is very high in tea, prevent aging of brain cells. Also, this beverage has anti-inflammatory action. The caffeine in green tea helps to energize and focus.


This product contains micronutrients which enhance blood flow to the brain and improve memory. The experts advise eating blue grapes. It is more useful.

Dried apricots

These dried fruits provide your organism with boron, iron, and ascorbic acid. These substances increase the concentration, improve coordination and memory.

Sea kale

It contains iodine. And it gives clarity to the mind. At the lack of this trace element people often feel irritability or may suffer from insomnia.


This fruit contains potassium. It nourishes the brain and nerve cells and controls blood pressure.


Carotene which presents in this vegetable prevents the aging of the brain cells.