Not all products are equally well able to satisfy your appetite. At first, it seems that you fed up. But the feeling of hunger comes back very quickly. To avoid overeating, you should be wary of certain foods.


Chocolates and cakes satisfy a hunger for a short time. This is due to a sharp increase of sugar in the blood. Because of the protective reaction of the organism, there is rapid processing of the sweet product. And you want to eat again.

Pickled vegetables and fruits

Such food stimulates the production of gastric juice and thus increases the feeling of hunger. The same thing happens when you eat salty or spicy foods.

Acidic foods

These products include apples, lemons, sauerkraut. Such food irritates the stomach wall, causing a desire to have a bite.


If you want to control the volume of eaten food, limit the consumption of carbonated drinks, alcohol, and coffee.