Floating nuclear power plant will be built in China. The head of the China National Nuclear Corporation Soon Tsin made such a statement in April of this year. And now the construction company China General Nuclear Power Corp. (CGN) has started a creation of the nuclear power plant. Completion of construction is scheduled for 2019. The cost of a floating nuclear power plant is nearly 500 million dollars.

According to preliminary data, the floating nuclear power plant will be located in the South China Sea. Deputy Chief Engineer of Research Center CGN Gui Min reported that the reactor ACPR50S would be installed in the new nuclear power plant.

In total, China plans to build 20 floating nuclear power plants.

30 nuclear reactors operate in China. Another 24 are under construction.

Next to China, Russia is also developing projects on creation of nuclear power plants in the water. Floating “Academician Lomonosov” nuclear power plant currently runs a series of tests. “Rosatom” company plans to enter this nuclear power plant into operation in September 2019.