The world’s largest floating derrick is put into operation in China. This installation was called «Blue Whale.» It has a fairly large size. With this tower,  it is possible to work on the sea depth of almost 4 thousand meters. After this, the facility is able to overcome another 15 thousand meters of the earth’s crust.

This drilling rig is specially designed for use in the waters of the South China Sea. Here, the oil deposits can be situated quite deep.

The height of the installation is equal to the value of the 37-storey building, its weight is 42 thousand tons. Its value exceeds $ 700 million.

Concern of neighbors

Japan and Vietnam are concerned that China is deploying its drilling rigs in disputed waters. In addition to these states, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines are applying for territory.

The most intense disputes concern Scarborough reef. According to the researchers, this is where the largest oil deposits are located.