New Year is approaching. In many families, preparations for this magical holiday are already in full swing. So many pleasant chores are connected with this event! Buying gifts, home decoration, cooking festive meals… Of course, fir-tree is one of the attributes of the New Year.

The decoration of the green beauty is a long tradition of most people. Some of us prefer artificial Christmas trees, others can not imagine their holiday without a living tree.

How to choose a fir-tree (or pine), so that it please you for a long period of New Year holidays.

1. Pay attention to the color of the needles.

They should have rich green hue, without yellowing. This means that the tree is freshly cut.

2. Touch the fir-tree buds.

If they are resilient and do not fall off, then a tree is fresh.

3. Touch the hand to the trunk in place of the cut.

The presence of sticky resin also speaks of the tree freshness.

4. Gently tap the tree trunk on the ground.

If the needles are not showered, so the tree was cut down recently.

5. Slightly bend fir paw.

The branches of the fresh tree are plastic. They are well-bent and don’t crunch.

Properly selected tree can stand at home for a long time.