File hosting is one of the most popular repositories of information in Ukraine. It ceases its activities. Millions of Internet users have visited this resource to search for foreign and national movies, music, and videos.

The reason for the closure of file hosting is the new Ukrainian law “About state support of cinema in Ukraine.” The document will be signed by the President.

The law aims at the struggle against the illegal spreading of movies, music, computer games. The founders of the information exchange service claim that they always comply with the laws of Ukraine.

This resource will be closed for the second time. This had happened the first time 4 years ago. But then the file hosting has been reopened. As informed sources say, the site will cease operations forever. will operate until the end of November. All the users of this resource should take off their files from the server. Otherwise, all the information will be lost.

File hostings and have already stopped their work.

According to the experts, Ukrainian consumers are not ready yet to the paid resources. Price per licensed material is too expensive for the average citizen of Ukraine.